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The Natural Health Products Exempted Products Database allows stakeholders to search for natural health products that have been granted an exemption, in the form of an exemption number (EN), by the Minister under the provisions of the Natural Health Products (Unprocessed Product Licence Applications) Regulations (NHP-UPLAR).

The database provides the following details for each exempted product:

  1. Exemption Number - in the form EN-XXXXXX
  2. Company Name
  3. Brand Name
  4. Dosage form
  5. Status:
    1. Valid - This Exemption Number is in good standing
    2. Not valid - This Exemption Number is no longer valid
    3. Licence Issued (8xxxxxxx)-The Exemption Number is no longer valid. The natural health product has been approved by Health Canada and has been issued licence number 8xxxxxxx
  6. Status Date - Date when current status came into effect

Search Information

The Exempted Product Search engine uses the data entered in the fields above as sequences of characters to search for. It accepts letters in either uppercase or lowercase. The search engine ignores operators such as AND, NOT, and OR.

Enclosing a query in quotation marks (either single or double), will restrict the results of the query by returning only records in which at least one of the fields searched is an exact match. Without quotation marks, the search engine returns all records that contain the query somewhere in the searched fields.

The percentage symbol (%) may be used to replace either zero, one or more real characters in a search query. An underscore (_) may be used to replace exactly one character.

If a search is unsuccessful, try alternate spellings or other combinations of keywords.

Note - The product information found within the Natural Health Products Exempted Products Database originates from organizations not subject to the Next link will take you to another Web site Official Languages Act and is available in the language in which it was written and submitted to Health Canada.

Search Criteria

Enter values in the fields below and press the Search button. To see all exempted products, leave all the fields below blank.




To obtain further information on licensed Natural Health Products, please check the Licensed Natural Health Products Database

For general questions about the content of the Exempted Product Database or for technical support, please contact the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) at